Dongyang China Woodcarvings City

2019-07-03 10:41:29 source: Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism


Dongyang China Woodcarvings City

Name in Chinese : 东阳中国木雕城

Admission Fee: free

Telephone: +86 579 86066666

Address: No.188 Shimao Avenue, Dongyang, Jinhua city, Zhejiang


Dongyang China Woodcarvings City, also known as the “Chinese Woodcarving Capital”, is located in Dongyang and covers an area of 410,000 sq m, making it the biggest market for wooden crafts and woodcarving (rosewood) furniture. Dongyang China Woodcarvings City’s has won many awards, including “National AAAA Tourist Attraction”, “Zhejiang’s Four-star Civilized Market” and “China’s top hundred commodity market”. 

Many famous carving factories provide products from root carvings, woodcarving (rosewood) furniture, antique-style doors and windows, bamboo weavings to bamboo carvings. Tourist can choose from a wide range of souvenirs and gifts here. The high-quality products have made their way to other cities in China and some of them are exported to foreign countries such as Japan, Korea and those in Southeast Asia. In 2011, the turnover of Dongyang China Woodcarvings City reached 11.8 billion RMB.

With the rapid development of Woodcarving tourism and associated leisure industry, the Dongyang Chinese Wood Sculptures Civilization Expo City was held to raise awareness about the woodcarving industry in Dongyang. The expo integrated woodcarving arts exhibitions, transaction platforms, industrial investment and entertainment together. In addition, there are a Chinese woodcarving museum and a rare large-scale industrial museum in Dongyang, the latter of which can be divided into five halls: Chinese Woodcarving History Exhibition Hall, Woodcarving and Social Life Exhibition Hall, Master Exhibition Hall, World Woodcarving Exhibition Hall and Chinese Bamboo Crafts Exhibition Hall.

(Executive Editor: Lubin WANG)

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