A banquet of citron held by a group of Hangzhou students

2019-12-04 09:44:54 source: Qianjiang Evening News

Recently, it is the harvest season of citron. The citron trees in many schools in Hangzhou are full of fruit, quite attractive. Is the fruit edible? How to eat?

About this series of questions, at noon on November 29, the answer was found at the annual Citron Creative & Cultural Festival of Hangzhou 9th Middle School. The school made a table of dishes with citron, including citron skin with meat slice, citron glutinous rice cake, citron ham sausage, citron with streaky pork, spicy meat with citron, etc. Not only the citron flesh is edible, but also the skin is delicious as an ingredient in dishes.

Ren Yi, Deputy Director of the School Office, said that the Citron Creative & Cultural Festival is one of the grandest activities of the school every year. Since initiated in 2015, it has been held for five sessions. The festival originated from students' love for citron, Ren Yi said.


This banquet of citron was a mysterious guest of the festival this year. All the teachers and students didn't know what the dishes looked like until the festival started. This week all the teachers and students in the school have been discussing the banquet, teacher Ren Yi said.



"In the design of creative dishes, each ingredient should be cooked in a way that does not violate its original characteristics. For example, citrus medica skin should be made salty, while its flesh should be made sweet," the dish's creator Wang Jinkui said. He has been a chef for 27 years and worked at Hangzhou 9th Middle School for two years. He had never thought of cooking with citrus media until he joined Hangzhou 9th Middle School and was inspired by the school's citrus medica culture.

(Executive Editor: Ye Ke)

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