Only in Qiandao Lake can you get the real taste of fish!

2019-12-02 15:30:33 source: Picturesque Zhejiang


In China, there aren’t many places like Qiandao Lake, which boasts of the special city layout —  half of the place covered with crystal-clear water and the other half dominated by verdant mountains.


In China, there aren’t many places whose water quality is as good as that of Qiandao Lake. Qiandao Lake is really worthy of the reputation of "Having the Purest Water in the World".


In China, there prevails a saying that "Good mountains and water breed good food". All food in Qiandao Lake, whether sourced from the mountains or water, taste fresh and sweet.


Qiandao Lake is nestled between Hangzhou and Mt. Huang. The food here integrates the characteristics of Hangzhou Cuisine and Anhui Cuisine, but Qiandao Lake is more like an "isolated food paradise", where a unique food system has formed during the years.


If you want to taste the fresh and sweet food of Qiandao Lake, you’ll have to go there in person.

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The Giant Organic Fish Head


The No. 1 "business card" of Qiandao Lake food is certainly the organic fish head. It's no exaggeration to say that the sweetness and freshness of the fish head will linger on your taste bud and make you yearn for more once you have tasted it.


Qiandao Lake is also the first national certified "organic fish breeding base". The fish sourced from Qiandao Lake grows up "drinking" the little bit sweet Nongfu Spring*.


* Nongfu Spring is a famous Chinese bottled water brand whose water source is from Qiandao Lake.


Among them, those chubby bighead carps are the most popular with tourists. There are a lot of ways to cook them, including boiling, stewing, steaming, braising, etc. All of them have brought out the freshness and sweetness of the fish head to the greatest extent, successfully turning it into the signature dish of Qiandao Lake.


Also, all the fishes in Qiandao Lake are grown in the wild without any human intervention. What they eat is purely natural and organic, which means they have to swim a long way to find their food, resulting in a large amount of exercise and great mouthfeel. Besides, the fish for the fish head dish have a long growth period, normally over seven years. Good ingredients make good dishes. It’s almost impossible for the fish head dish not to taste good.

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Fish Head in Milky Soup


The best way to cook a fish as fresh as that in Qiandao Lake is to stew it. After hours of stewing, the fish head soup becomes creamy-white and tastes extremely delicious without any seasonings.


Braised Fish Head in Casserole


The reason for using a casserole is to keep the fresh flavor of the fish to the greatest extent. The dish Braised Fish Head in Casserole is more about the soup. The soup cooked in this way is fresher and tasty than that cooked in other cauldrons and the fish is tenderer and sweeter.


Steamed Fish Head with Sauced Pepper


For those into spicy foods, the match of Qiandao Lake fish head with specially-made sauced yellow pepper is really the best. The unique strong flavor of sauced yellow pepper completely infiltrates into the fresh and tender fish head.


Come to Qiandao Lake and taste the most delicious fish.

(Executive Editor: Yang Wenxi)

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