"The Battlefield of the Night Snacks" tells you where is the best place to enjoy the night snacks in Hangzhou!

2019-08-23 19:57:30 source: In Zhejiang

Do you like Hangzhou? Yes, because she's a girl. This is a sentence in the documentary "The Battlefield of the Night Snacks". A few days ago, the night snacks of "inclusive Hangzhou" in "The Battlefield of the Night Snacks" came out online, and went viral immediately.


Hangzhou is so inclusive under the lens of " Jianghu in the Night Snacks ", because people from all over China can find a suitable night snack for their taste buds. In "Inclusive Hangzhou", the film crew visited five roadside restaurants in Hangzhou: Fang Lao Da Noodle Restaurant, Xiao Dianhuang Shaoxing Restaurant, Youbi Restaurant, Fan Laotou Rice noodles Casserole Restaurant and Red Hat Snack Restaurant.

1.   Fang Lao Da Noodle Restaurant

The fact that Hangzhou people love noodles is not to brag. In the Southern Song Dynasty, the dynasty moved its capital to Hangzhou and a large number of northern migrants came in, the habit of eating noodles was brought along with those migrants.



Whether a noodle restauarant is good or not mainly depends on the toppings and the pot gas. Lao Fang's noodle restauarant is such a one that nobody is unwilling to have a try.  

2.Xiao Dian Huang Shaoxing Restaurant


Its previous name is called "Xiaodianwang". The owner is a local Shaoxing person. If the Shaoxing cuisine of this restaurant rank second in Hangzhou City, nobody dares to rank first. In this restaurant, all cuisines are specialties here, especially shrimp-fried chicken, drunken goose, double stink and farmented thousand layers, which perfectly explains what is called "the more stinky, the more fragrant, the more memorable".

3.Red-Hat Snacks Restaurant

Red-Hat Snacks Restaurant only open at night. At 9:30 p.m.,the other restaurants near West Lake closed one after another, and the time of "Red-Hat Snack Restaurant" has just started. It opens at 10 p.m. when the first basket of steamed buns came out.



4. You Niao

When "You又" plus "Niao鸟", it means chicken in Chinese. As the name implies, this is a restaurant that serves chicken related foods. The owner is known as "Jun Ge". Before he took the shovel, he took scissors. 



But now, he is concentrating on "making" chickens in Hangzhou. When a chicken arrives, it should be soaked in hot water for 30 minutes, and then in ice water at minus 20 degrees for another 30 minutes.Finally, give the chicken a massage and apply sesame oil with honey juice.Is it very attractive?

5.The Old Man's Rice Noodle Casserole Restaurant

This is a 24/7 restaurant. The rolling gates of the shop are pulled down only during the Spring Festival. We have to book in advance in order to have a meal here.  


(Executive Editor:Shuangli Ma)

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