Delicacies of Taizhou help you relieve the heat!

2019-08-12 15:49:20 source: 诗画浙江文旅资讯

In the sweltering summer, what can relieve the heat? Foods for sure! Have you ever tasted these summer delicacies of Taizhou?

Herbal jelly


The so-called “herb” here refers to a kind of ancient Chinese medicine, which has the effects of reducing internal heat and purifying blood, refreshing and relieving summer heat. A bowl of herbal jelly appears brownish black. Splash a spoon of sugar powder and dip two drops of mint, it is fresh and refreshing.

Shilian jelly


Also known as “Shilian tofu”, it is made of Shilian seeds, which is a jelly. You can add honey, mint or splash some sesames as you like when you taste it. By stirring them together, a summer drink will be available.

Glutinous black rice pudding


With a light grass flavor, you can taste cool and sweet sesames and have a bite of the soft glutinous rice. Taizhouers have grown up accompanied by such a saying “After eating glutinous black rice pudding, you can be protected from bites from mosquitoes”. Every time when the height of summer was approaching, a piece of glutinous black rice pudding is a taste of childhood for many Taizhouers.

Noodles in ginger soup


Boiling the singer soup is a most particular step for noodles in ginger soup. Boil sliced ginger in yellow rice wine. After the liquor evaporates, get out the sliced ginger and dry them in the sun. When preparing noodles in ginger soup, ingredients such as fish, shrimps, clam, day lily and skin of tofu are added into the ginger soup. “Eat turnip in winter and eat ginger in summer”. So a bowl of noodles in ginger soup is recommended in the height of summer.

Yuhuan pomelo pudding


The pomelo of Yuhuan is reputed as the No. 1 pomelo of China. Take the flesh of a pomelo and tear it into granules, turn the shell of pomelo into a water container. Boil basil seeds and sago in boiled water, cut pawpaw into cubes and steam them, boil water in a pot and add the above raw materials into the water, season it with some sugar, thicken the soup with a mixture of cornstarch and water, and then add the pomelo flesh. The pomelo pudding can clear internal heat and nourish your spleens.

Chaiye tofu


Have you ever seen green tofu? It is made of the leaves of Premna microphylla Turcz. The plant has the effects of clearing heat and toxic matters. Chaiye tofu made of it is a best product to relieve summer heat and a rare delicacy.

Executive Editor: Ke YE

Translation: Ke YE, Wenjin CHEN

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