The light show of “Hangzhou Charm” to be held in the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Expo Center

2019-12-26 20:55:22 source: Zhejiang News (Yu Jiji, Qi Kuan)


"Little Lotus" is the nickname for the tennis court in Hangzhou Olympic Sports Expo Center. It echoes the "Lotus Bowl", the main venue of the 2022 Asian Games. This venue, which held the single international swimming event with the highest specification in the history of Hangzhou last year, will now welcome the first show of international tennis events -- the 2019 Hangzhou Tmall Cup International Tennis Invitational Tournament.

According to Qiu Gong of the Department of Property, "Little Lotus" has a diameter of 135 meters and a total height of nearly 40 meters. The entire building is divided into the basement and three above-ground floors, with 10,200 fixed seats. It is one of the largest single tennis courts in China. It is reported that in the second half of this year, the construction of “Little Lotus” has been completely delivered, and after the inspection of the “World Tournament” last year, the venue has also been partially upgraded this year.


Of course, the biggest change is that the swimming pool has been turned into a tennis court, and the amount of engineering is not small. In addition, the basic equipment including indoor air-conditioning systems, lighting systems, bathrooms, and seats have been updated. It is hoped that “Little Lotus” can give players who come to Hangzhou for the first time a good impression, as well as to live up to the expectation of fans from all over the country.

It is understood that, in addition to the upgrading of the stadium infrastructure, the construction of the hard ground and elastic surface course laying of “Little Lotus” are also carried out, as well as net pillars, nets, the construction of Hawk-Eye and other necessary professional tennis facilities.

In addition, indoor and exterior lighting are also added to “Little Lotus”. At that time, the audience can not only watch the performances of the players but can also enjoy the light show of “Hangzhou Charm”!


Executive Editor: Ye Ke

Translation: Ye Ke, Chen Wenjing

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