The lofty and magnificent Yandang Mountain

2019-12-09 17:25:21 source: Picturesque Zhejiang

The south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River has always been elegant and graceful, but it is more than picturesque beauty. At a corner of Wenzhou, there is a lofty and magnificent famous mountain, which is called Yandang Mountain.


(Photo/Cui Lijun)

As night falls, you can check in a B&B to relieve your fatigue of one day. Sleep with the moonlight and rest your heart in the peace of the forest. Get up early and go to a roadside stand to taste a bowl of hot Qingjiang noodles with three kinds of delicacies and feel a warmth from the bottom of your heart.

After heavy snow in the winter, the Baigangjian took on a new look. The snows on the distant mountain reflect a dazzling light, which is not inferior to the sunrise in the spring.


(Photo/Ye Jintao)

In addition to pleasant landscapes, the delicacies of this place are also tempting.

Fried rice noodles


Just like the fried rice with egg in the film "God of Cookery", fried rice noodles is also a seemingly simple dish which is a great test to the cook’s cooking techniques. The authentic Wenzhou fried rice noodles taste like noodles yet carry the flavor of vermicelli, cooked with ingredients such as egg, fresh shrimps, Chinese cabbage and black mushroom.

Braised potatoes and game


When a dish of braised potatoes and a game is served, a nice smell will jump into your nostrils. Your mouth will be filled with the softness and freshness of the meat. The potatoes soaked in the sauce melt in the mouth. You cannot resist the temptation of the taste.

(Executive Editor: Ye Ke)

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