Your pocket guide to enjoying maple leaves in Hangzhou

2019-12-04 11:08:57 source: Xiacheng Release


The cold air brought cooling, bringing Hangzhou into winter, and also brought a wave of surprises in the early winter. Hangzhou is about to enter the best season for appreciating maple leaves. Please keep this map of maple leaves well. The West Lake this season is so beautiful! The change of leaf color is also the language of seasons, from green to yellow and then to red, like overturning the color palette.


Breeze-ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden (曲院风荷)


It is said that “The Frost-covered Leaves are Redder than Flowers in Spring”. After the baptism of low temperature, maple leaves begin to enter the best appreciation period. From afar view, the red maple leaves of the trees are brilliant just like rosy clouds, while from a close view, the shaking leaves seem to applaud in the wind.


Xiling Bridge Side (西泠桥边)



The red maple leaves and yellow chrysanthemum flowers beside Xiling Bridge Side have also been designated as the scenic spots to appreciate in late autumn and early winter. In addition to maple leaves, Su Xiaoxiao’s Tomb beside Xiling Bridge Side also adds a charm of Jiangnan here.


Longjing Road (龙井路)



Both sides of Longjing Road are covered with red maple trees, which were planted in the late 1970s. If you want to go to Longjing Road to appreciate red maples, you’d better go there at noon. Standing in Longjing Mountain Park to look down, the continuous red maples look like a long red sleeping dragon.


Lingyin Road (灵隐路)


On both sides of Lingyin Road, the red maples changed color overnight, or red in the yellow, or red like fire, layer upon layer, fully presenting the magnificent scenery of “Jiuli Pines and maple trees are covered with everywhere”.


Nine Creeks (九溪)


Among the large and small scenic spots in Hangzhou, the Nine Creeks is more like a private place. Walking along the way, starting from the platanus at the entrance, accompanied by the tea garden gradually getting more and more enjoyable, walking to the “Nine Creeks in Misty Forest”, you can see that the blue-green water with red maple leaves is particularly bright-colored.


(Executive Editor: Ye Ke)

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