Xianghu Lake tourist attraction has achieved 5G signal coverage

2019-11-21 15:10:27 source: Zhejiang News


According to the information from the Administration Committee of Xianhu Lake, so far thirty-four 5G base stations have been built at the Xianghu Lake tourist attraction, which has achieved a 5G signal coverage across the tourist attraction from Xiangpu Road, via the bridge spanning over the lake, lotus flower village, Chengshan nostalgia area, Tiger Cave and Financial Town slow life block and other landmark architectures all the way to Kaiyuan Senbo Amusement Park.

Compared with conventional 4G base stations, the bearing capacity of 5G base stations has increased significantly, which can provide fast and stable network service to 2-3 times the number of users under the state of 4G and guarantee the network quality for a crowded scenic area.


On April 23 this year, the Administration Committee of Xianghu Lake National Tourist Resort signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the construction of “Digital Xianghu Lake” at a faster pace with China Mobile Xiaoshan branch.

In the Xianghu International Semi-marathon that concluded in October, the integration of marathon and 5G technology brought a great event of 5G based marathon that was striking and high-tech.


In the next stage, the Administration Committee will promote the in-depth coverage of 5G network and turn into a 5G smart scenic area, continuing to employ 5G technology to enrich the contents of tourism, spread history and culture, show the charm of the scenic area, enhance the tourists’ experience and stimulate the vigor of innovation. Xianghu Lake will witness the emerging of more innovation applications such as driverless bus based on 5G network, AR panorama monitoring, AR tourist guide, multi-functional smart lamp post, inspection robot, drone service, VR panorama experience and HD holographic theater. Tourists will enjoy a better tourism experience at Xianghu Lake.

Executive Editor: Bei Xu

Translation: Bei Xu, Wenjin Chen

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