Nourish your spirit in Pujiang County’s B&Bs

2019-04-25 17:31:31 source: Zhejiang News


Bored with skyscrapers and the hustle and bustle in the city? Eager to enjoy a couple of days in the countryside and get away from the noisy world? Pujiang County of Zhejiang Province would be a desirable destination.

1. 青致·吾庐 Qingzhi Wulu B&B


You will be surprised by the delicate designs of this B&B. Its owner, a designer with artistic sense, dedicated himself to every decoration in the place. Even the smallest stones in the yard were carefully selected by him. Characterized by a style of “Wabi Sabi”, the B&B is also an experience hall with dozens of rooms, an independent tea room, kitchen and aesthetic sharing space.


2. 乌台门民宿 Wutaimen B&B


Three years ago, the owner of the B&B saw the dilapidated houses owned by six villager families by coincidence. He recreated it as what it is today. The archaic courtyard, the private tearoom, cinema, calligraphy room, billiards room and small bar, all make it an ideal place for leisure and entertainment.


3. 嵩溪民宿 Songxi Ancient Village B&B


Songxi Ancient Village has attracted a lot of fans recently. Tourists that have been to Songxi would fall in love with the place. Since the Northern Song Dynasty, the place has been a famous lime production area. It has a history of over a thousand years. The tranquility of the history, the unique culture of lime, the concealed streams and ancient buildings inherently shine their glamor to attract tourists.


4. 逸境 Yijing B&B


The B&B owner with overseas work experience introduced foreign lifestyle into this austere rural B&B. With overseas furniture, tableware and toiletries, the place is suitable for holding a Western style wedding.


5. 水墨千山 Shuimo Qianshan B&B


The B&B is in East Asian style. The owner loves painting and calligraphy, thus decorated the walls with works of calligraphy masters, creating an elegant environment.


6. 村尚·村宿 Cunshang Village B&B




Walking into the Xiawan Village, the crystal clear water under the green shades will calm your minds. Just like the village, the B&B also has a magic to calm you down. Each room has its own designer, all of which are among the most renowned masters in China.


7. 花开花宿 Huakai Huasu B&B


The B&B perches in a rose garden and offers 100% natural rose tea and perfume oil. A clever blending of metal and wood elements creates a modern-yet-natural world. Such a place surely will make you sleep pleasantly in the aroma.

(Executive Editor: Yongliu He)

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