How come a discarded hydropower station turns into a popular B&B?

2019-04-23 16:36:30 source: 浙江水利; Translation: In Zhejiang


Can you imagine the B&B shown in the photo originally stood a discarded hydropower station? The station surprisingly turns into the popular B&B today. 

Secluded among the clear waters and green mountains, the B&B, titled "Tonight I’m on Duty in Hydropower Station",  is the first hydropower station B&B in Zhejiang Province.  It stands in harmony with the peripheral environment, while its interior displays manifest high attainment in spatial aesthetics. The comprehensive hydropower exhibition building serves for tourism, sightseeing, popularization of science and accommodation.

Anji County is among the earliest places in Zhejiang Province that started the construction of small scale hydropower stations, the construction of which reached a peak in the late 1990s (totaling 111). Under the guidance of "improving a batch, renovating a batch and shutting down a batch", the county has made great efforts in the ecological construction of hydropower station in rural areas since 2013.

After five years' of renovation and improvement, conspicuous results have seen in the county. Anji has created 14 rural hydropower stations that conform to work safety standard, renovated 4 by technical innovation and capacity expansion, and shut down 19 with high safety hazards risk and poor economic performance. The annual power revenue has increased by over RMB 2 million yuan. The ecological system of river network in the whole county has been effectively improved, with 22.4km dehydration riverway that covers 290,100m2 being restored with water.

However, shutting down does not mean a hydropower station loses its value. Though the shutting down policy is adopted, Anji is exploring the renovation ways for a group of shut down hydropower stations that still possess value.

The small scale hydropower station mentioned in the article used to be the Longwang Hydropower Station. "A place that carries the historical memory should not disappear," Under such a concept, the design team has spent a lot of time in the re-creation of the old hydropower station on the premise of not destroying its original structure, and finally revitalized it.

The mechanical equipment of hydropower station is remained on site. Through building structure renovation, the hydropower station has been created into a rural operation complex integrating demonstrative B&B and exhibition hall. A new way of resource sharing is attained.

(Executive Editor: Yongliu He)

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