Failing Flower and Old House Tavern

2019-04-22 16:30:10 source: Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism


Open the red iron door of the tavern, you will see twelve stone sculptures of Chinese Zodiac, which seems gigantic with the moss. What displayed in the quaint front hall are elegant as well as exquisite. Behind a small door is a paradise-like garden. There is a private museum near the tavern, which exhibits a wide variety of collections, such as strange rocks, curios, bonsais and so on.

If you are interested in the Chinese styles, it is an excellent choice for you to explore. Here, the houses are designed in typical Jiangnan (the Southern part of China) style; a luxury room is decorated with elaborate flower carvings. All elements, from carving to painting, reflect the Chinese traditional culture. What a dreamlike stay you will have in this village!

Name in Chinese :落花老屋客栈

Telephone:+86 189 1800 6561

Address:No.24, East of Majiagang River, Bianmin Road, Nanxun Ancient Town, Huzhou

(Executive Editor: Lubin Wang)

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