B&B along the track of 2019 Jindong Greenway -- Zhejiang Marathon Team Relay

2019-04-20 18:32:42 source: Zhejiang News; By Qindan Shao; Translator: Xiaodan Chen; Editor: Yongliu He


A gorgeous B&B can be a destination in itself. Here's a list of excellent B&Bs along the track of 2019 Jindong Greenway - Zhejiang Marathon Team Relay. Book a break to remember at one of these B&Bs and enjoy comfortable bed and featured breakfast in Jindong District of Jinhua City.


In Home + B&B of Suoyuan Village in Lipu Town, you are sure to experience idyllic lifestyle and enjoy the hospitality of the villagers.

Chirps and gurgles, wind and water, branches on the move...Listen to a symphony of natural sound in Basu Farmstead and Wangxi Homestay along the bank of Baxian Stream.

There is something incredibly joyful about watching a new day dawn, particularly if you’re viewing it in a beauty spot. Jindong’s countryside is a prime place to watch the sunrise – you’ll need to get up early to catch them but the spectacle will leave you truly invigorated for the day ahead.

With black walls and white tiles, the Poyang Ancient Street keeps its bustling spectacle. Here, you can sit in a traditional Chinese style building, sipping tea, talking about the tea philosophy, and spending a peaceful afternoon.

Home + B&B in Suoyuan Village, Lipu Town

Chinese: 澧浦镇琐园村家+民宿

Reservation call: 15869286168

Address: Suoyuan Village, Lipu Town, Jindong District

30 beds; RMB 130 yuan per person per day; breakfast, lunch and supper included




Basu Farmstead


Reservation call: 13586972338

Address: Hekou Village, Lingxia Town, Jindong District

15 beds; RMB 180-280 yuan per person per day; breakfast included



Wangxi B&B


Reservation call: 13566761481

Address: Wangxi Village, Lingxia Town, Jindong District

20 beds; RMB 100-180 per person per day; breakfast included 


Old Time Cinema Themed B&B on the Lingxia Poyang Ancient Street

Chinese: 岭下坡阳老街旧老儿时光影吧主题民宿

Reservation call: 18857912705

Address: Poyang Ancient Street, Lingwu Village, Lingxia Town, Jindong District

5 beds, RMB 280-580 per person per day, breakfast included




(Executive Editor: Yongliu He)


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