Aman Resort

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Surrounded by tea plantations and bamboo groves, Amanfayun in Hangzhou is a spiritual sanctuary informed by Chinese tradition and Buddhist monastic culture. Explore this centuries-old village, restored using ancient techniques, at your own pace. 

Set within old pathways and rolling streams, dwellings have been renovated in traditional Jiangnan style, using the original stone, earth and wood construction. Calligraphy reflects Hangzhou’s artistic and intellectual heritage.

The bridges, pagodas, islands and gardens of West Lake, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, invite serene reflection on foot or by boat. In the city, Hangzhou’s silk trading streets Xinhua and Jiankang offer another variety of beauty.

Guests are welcome to join monks’ early-morning prayer sessions at nearby Buddhist temples. Seven sacred sites can be reached by foot from Amanfayun, including Lingyin Si, Temple of the Soul’s Retreat, founded in the 4th century.

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