Get closer to the silk culture with China National Silk Museum

2020-06-16 17:51:36 source: Lin Yunlong

"China Cultural and Natural Heritage Day" falls on June 13. And this year, the China National Silk Museum has prepared rich activities for the public. Inheritors and sericulture farmers from Yunlong village in Haining come to perform the folk customs and traditional skills of the silkworm. Citizens can also experience the projects of hand reeling, stripping cotton bags, and drawing cotton on site.


Yunlong village in Haining where sericulture has been carried out for generations has been a key sericulture production area since the end of the Qing Dynasty.  Therefore, rich and colorful sericulture folk activities have gradually come into being in Yunlong village. In 2009, the folk custom of sericulture production in Yunlong was officially named a human intangible cultural heritage while in 2011 it was listed in the project of "China Sericulture and Silk Cultural Heritage Ecological Park".

(Compiled and translated by Xu Yuhong)

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