The first baby deer of 2020 was born at the Qingliang Mountain National Nature Reserve

2020-05-18 10:59:45 source: Wang Jianlong

The first baby deer in 2020 was born in the semi-ecological breeding base of South China sika deer in Qingliang Mountain National Nature Reserve, Zhejiang Province. A staffer called Zhang Shuyan photographed the deer baby's cute moments with his mobile phone, "We love him so much. Though every single little animal baby is lovable, the baby deer ranks top in my heart." Zhang also said, "South China sika deer give birth every May to June, and the number of babies reaches the peak on approximately May 15." It is said that after more than ten years of effort, there are now more than seventy sika deer in the breeding base.

(Compiled by Xu Yuhong)

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