5G powered unmanned vehicle used for "contactless" food delivery in Yuhang District of Hangzhou

2020-03-03 09:08:57 source: Tang Junyao, Zhou Yi, Liang Jie

In the Artificial Intelligence Town and 5G Innovation Park of the Future Science and Technology City in Yuhang District, an unmanned vehicle is responsible for delivering fast food made by the canteen of the town to enterprises.


To ensure dining safety for enterprise employees, an enterprise in the park offered to provide a "contactless" food delivery service with the delivery robot is developed.


"The 'Nixing' robot started working last Wednesday." Chen Zhengwei, head of the enterprise's R&D center, said that the robot could deliver about 90 boxed meals at a time to three enterprises in the park.

At noon every day, the canteen staff put boxed meals in the "belly" of the robot and disinfect it. Then the robot leaves building No. 11 of the Artificial Intelligence Town, crosses the central road and arrives at the designated place for enterprise staff to pick their food through scanning the QR code.

Chen Zhengwei said that the whole "contactless meal delivery" solution was based on the 5G communication network of the town and the park. "As this is a temporary measure during the period of the epidemic, the robot is manipulated in real-time through a 5G network by the remote driving control center in the company. This is safer. "

Executive Editor: Ye Ke

Translation: Chen Wenjing

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